Where has it gone?

where has it gone?/the inspiration/my indication/that my soul is alive/thrives/somewhere out there/bare and alone/tiny, vulnerable and prone/ to over-indulgence of the worst kind/my mind/crumbles and falls/tumbles and crawls/fumbles and mauls/its way through the deep abyss of soulessness/i dive/into the pits of listlessness/without flesh/barely dressed/repressed/depressed/helpless and lost...

because i can't find myself anymore.

dirty laundry

and they put her dirty laundry
out in the open

so everybody could see
all the stains that

had gathered there over
the years that she

tried so hard to wash
away with tears
and drink
and drug
and life

drowning in a mountain of clothes
she cries
helplessly reaching out
for anyone
to help

somehow she can't give up
though the signs point to yes
somehow she can't stop
believing that all stains will fade

with time.


back... again.
it was said
---but not taken
too seriously

where am i now
now im lost
--torn and shaken
tears furiously

streaming... down
course and dry
--heart awakened
head curiously

still willed and filled
with thoughts of

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on subjects

On Self Inspection

self reflection in the wrong direction / inspection at the wrong mental intersections / protection from truly epiphonic introspection / indeed is the need to weed away the dire infections/ to remain maintain only stains only claims and pains of injuries/ flurries of blurries/ can't remember the tender splendors/ or the true owner of the boner / stoner / self analysis smooth like molasses/ skip the bad parts/ to hell with this/ paralysis as the shortcomings surface/ the feeling of purpose surplus/ latest mayhem against the text/ immaculate spectaculars bursting through the vernaculars/ shit, son, don't try and be all fantacular, fantastic, it's bombastic, plastic, fake / don't make me hate / debate, my sanity/ scream profanites and be not myself in a man made hell/ be gone like kiddies at the bell/ hell yah. :)

On Relationships

Oh shit, fantacular as the MANtacular walks by/ I cry/ almost said bye bye / let him fly by/ but was sighed / a "don't try to lie or fake your high/ just settle down your little frown/ let me love ya as the sun goes own"/ obstruction of the construction that was created for a good fuck-tion/ let me show you the true love story/ the old allegory / of unconditional care/ multi-dimensional pair/ connection on a different level/ bevel/ wake up make up disheveled/ Extensional is the forensical musical lair/ that holds the truth and beginning of the rather untypical pair/ up the stair do dare explore the meaning of sparing care/ but it dont matter cuz the splatter that shattes/ the dreams of little babies occured like rabies/ wild and daring crazy like maybe/ I want to/ bite you/ fight you/ spite you/ fuck you / stuff you / love you/ kiss you/ hold you/ miss you. yeah.

On Fraternities

Amazing is the scene of the grazing of the crops/ hazing is spacing the hips from the hops/ shit flies as the guy s realize that they're nothing/ but everything in the eyes/ of the world of lies/ in which they submerge/immerse/ themeselves.
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childish laughter
and life ever after
that walked past her
she stops
and looks after
happiness was always found
in childish laughter.